How do I know how much my junk removal will cost me?

How do we Calculate your Load?

When quoting for rubbish and junk removal, it's important to let us know what size the amount of waste is we need to remove. Our costs are calculated on total volume or a cubic metre (m3), the weight of items and in some cases, the type of waste.

Some items may be heavy, so please let us know if you have heavy items that may require more muscle to move.

For instance, it may take 2-3 of our blokes to remove a large fridge or lounge set. Knowing what we are moving means, we can send the right team to your premises to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

cubic feet of rubbish

Volume or Cubic Metre

Calculating the volume allows us to identify how much space is required on our trucks and how much it will cost you to remove. We mostly quote based on a cubic metre rate, allowing you to control the cost where there are no hidden charges.

We measure volume in cubic metres or m3, which is just another way of saying a block of space that measures height x width x depth, e.g. 3m x 2m x 1m =6 cubic m3.

A good example is that a cubic metre is equal to the size of a front loader washing machine or dryer.

Fun Fact:

Our Trucks hold up to 7 cubic metres of waste per load!

Another example of how to calculate a cubic metre with the example of a stack of 8 storage boxes. In our example below, the boxes are:

500mm x 500mm x 500mm x 8 boxes =1m3

To calculate cubic meters (CBM), use this handy CBM calculator.

If you are unsure of the size, just call us or, better yet, text us some photos. With our vast experience in rubbish and junk removal, we can give you an estimate or firm price on the spot based on photos. We always confirm our pricing before booking to ensure you are comfortable proceeding.


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