The Complete Guide to Garden Waste Removal and How You Can Save Time, Effort, and Money

by The Team at Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal

Tuesday December 7th 2021

The Complete Guide to Garden Waste Removal and How You Can Save Time, Effort, and Money-cheap-garden-green-waste-removal-sydney

With regular garden cleanups and green waste removal, cleaning up your garden will eliminate odours outside of your home, helping with pest control and guarantee the wellbeing of your family, making your home more liveable.

And we all want to enjoy are gardens this time of year!

What is considered as Garden Waste?

Garden waste removal (or green waste removal) is the removal of plant waste, for example:

  • Grass cuttings and flowers
  • Bushes and hedge clippings
  • Tree limbs, logs and stumps
  • Turf, grass and soil
  • other backyard waste

Although in broader terms, the term refers not only to plant matter but to the other types of rubbish that our gardens seem to fill with, including:

  • Garden furniture
  • Debris from landscaping work
  • Plant pots
  • Fencing materials
  • Storm damage to trees and large plants
  • Building materials left after renovations

What Types of Garden Waste Make up the Most Common Rubbish That Needs to Be Removed?

Landscaping is immensely popular for many people in the world. Gardening is a hobby for some, while it's a profession for others. Whether you are trying to make your garden or yard look aesthetically pleasing or are looking to grow all types of fruits and vegetables, landscaping can be an enjoyable pastime.

However, when it comes to gardening, some common chores need to be done regularly.

One type of waste that you will find piling up in your garden is organic waste, which can come from various sources. The three most common organic waste sources are leaves, fruit and vegetable scraps.

Sure, you can use a council wheelie bin for leaf litter, dead plants and lawn clippings. But if you cant think of spending your downtime cleaning the garden, then using a garden waste collection service will save you time and effort.

Large items & Awkard items

When it comes to large items or awkward items that won't fit in a wheelie been or the council will not take, working out how to get rid of large branches, furniture, and pots is a challenge. A waste removal service will also take garage and shed items like old lawnmowers, car parts, metal, etc.

It also helps in many other ways you may not have considered.

A surprising Benefit of Green Waste Removal is the Environmental benefits

Proper green waste removal is essential. Do you often add it to your house rubbish?

If the answer is yes, you're not practising proper garden waste removal. Doing this can be very harmful to the environment because that green waste will end up in a landfill.

Recent research suggests that people don't think that green waste removal is very important. However, it can have many benefits if done correctly.

Proper green waste management is highly beneficial for the environment, as it prevents it from reaching landfill where it decomposes anaerobically and releases methane and other harmful greenhouse gases. Methane is one of the most significant contributors to global warming due to the greenhouse effect.

Not only will you prevent greenhouse gas emissions, but you'll also conserve valuable landfill space by creating a proper plan to remove your green waste.

Using our green waste removal services, we'll ensure that your waste never ends up in a landfill by taking your green waste to a recycling depot.

Ever wondered what happens with recycled garden waste?

If you are wondering Green waste is recycled, as it is 100% biodegradable, it can be processed to create compost.

Compost is an excellent soil fertilizer, commonly used by farmers, agriculturists, landscapers, and gardeners to enrich the soil and grow plants. With compost, plants, trees, and shrubs thrive and makes a higher yield from food plants.

You will contribute to sustainability and the circular economy as your garden waste is turned into organic composting.

Composting green waste by yourself is time-consuming and can often be messy, so it's wise to get professional help. We have the expertise to take your green waste away for safe disposal and recycling, so you focus on more pleasant activities.

How to remove garden rubbish safely

Garden Waste We Typically Remove

In general, we can remove organic matter generated by gardening activities, but Green Waste, in a larger sense, can also comprise outdoor furniture, sheds, ornamentation such as pots and urns.

Whatever you choose to call it, one thing is sure: an attractive AND safe garden needs regular maintenance and prompt garden garbage clearance.

What is the best way for me to get rid of my broken furniture?

Recycling your old wooden furniture is the easiest method to get rid of it. You may take it to one of the numerous recycling centres located across Sydney. It is, however, easier said than done.

The majority of old timber furniture is heavy and oversized.

As a result, it must be broken down into smaller pieces before being carried, transported, and recycled.

There is also a cost for recycling your furniture at a recycling centre.

Also, many recycling centres will not take wooden furniture that has untreated wood.

We are certified to handle untreated and contaminated wood for appropriate disposal.

We will move, transport, and disassemble your old wooden furniture for recycling.

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The Complete Guide to Garden Waste Removal and How You Can Save Time, Effort, and Money-cheap-garden-green-waste-removal-sydney-01
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