It was more than a case of 'oh my goodness, not the chips!

by The Team at Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal

Saturday August 28th 2021

It was more than a case of 'oh my goodness, not the chips!-rubbish-removal-burnt-out-premises-02

We often encounter some unusual Rubbish Removal jobs.

One such case was a burnt down granny flat on a residential property in the western Sydney region of Guildford.

The customer, Neif, had a food business, the food truck type, and stored his food caravans at his home. One day, he decided to prepare the food at his home in a granny flat on the property.

Unfortunately, the deep fryer caught fire, and he lost everything inside.

As you can see by the photos below, it was quite a mess and smelt pretty awful.

In cases like these, properly dispose of rubbish, damaged items, and materials is difficult for most people and upsetting. It requires labour to remove the heavy items, strip out the fixtures and damaged building materials, and clean up.

How Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal was able to help Neif

The customer asked Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal to clean out the granny flat of all the rubbish and junk, including Kitchen Removal And Disposal and kitchen cabinets and equipment. There was office cabinets, food preparation equipment, tools and even a large compressor.

The granny flat was severely damaged, and the customers' insurance company required the building to be clean to access the structure safely to assess the damage for rebuild claim.

Four men and six truckloads, the clear-out process took four days and required our team to wear complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health and safety considerations while cleaning and bagging up the rubbish. We also pulled out some of the building's timber and plasterboard to be safe and more manageable for the assessment team to view the property.

Once the team finished bagged up and cleaned up, we loaded all the rubbish and junk into our trucks, removing it for safe disposal.

The customer was happy with our work and was able to successfully rebuild.

Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal were quick, professional, prompt and reliable. We needed them to complete insurance

Work to remove all contents from our burnt down granny flat and they put us at ease with their knowledge and professionalism. The insurance company chose them due to being a great price, reputable and fully insured.

Would not hesitate to recommend Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal.“

Neif M

Our services

As you can see, a kitchen or bathroom strip-out or an entire property strip-out is a laborious job. We are experts in the areas of residential strip-outs and commercial strip-outs.

What's a "Strip Out"

A "Strip Out" is a form of demolition. Nonstructural/non-essential components and equipment are removed, allowing for existing floor space to be reused without demolishing and rebuilding the entire structure.

We take all building rubbish, equipment including renovation and builders rubbish.

  • Kitchen & Bathroom strip outs
  • Building Waste Removal - Rubble removal, building materials
  • General Renovation rubbish
  • Whitegoods removal as part of the strip out.

We also have the equipment and trained staff to do small demolition jobs.

  • Bricks, Rubble, Gravel
  • All types of Metal & Steel
  • Timber, Roof Tiles, Windows, Glass, Fittings

Did you know we offer Carpet Removal and Disposal?

Unwanted carpet is difficult to dispose of, as it is awkward and heavy. We will recycle the carpet responsible too! Let our team do the heavy lifting for you.

It was more than a case of 'oh my goodness, not the chips!-rubbish-removal-burnt-out-premises-03
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