Plastic Free July

by The Team at Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal

Wednesday July 14th 2021

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It's Plastic Free July, so there's no better time to tell to start your journey to plastic-free living. At Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal we take good environmental practices seriously and as our top priority, we dispose and recycle your rubbish responsibly. Here are some tips to reduce everyday waste that pollutes the environment both in manufacture and disposal.

What is Plastic Free July?

A global movement to help people be part of the solution to plastic pollution, Plastic Free July aims to have cleaner streets, oceans and the rest of the environment.

Whether it is at home or work - here's how!

What you can do to change your impact

You can start small or challenge yourself!

By avoiding plastic packaging and choosing bulk, refillables and loose products, you will help prevent pollution and reduce things like food waste too!

Four Tips to go Plastic Free Forever

  1. Buy from bulk stores where you can fill up with your own containers
  2. Companies that sell products in refillable pouches and containers
  3. Buy loose products like veggies and deli items instead of prepacked
  4. Cook your food instead of prepared or get takeaway from food stores that use non-plastic packaging and cutlery.

Whether it is at home or work - here's how!

Plastic Free Bathroom

Choose to refuse single-use plastic bathroom products.

Dental care

Go plastic-free with your dental care by finding more sustainable alternatives to toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss.

Many health and organic stores sell plastic-free toothpaste alternatives. There are toothpaste in refillable tins, tubes made of recycled plastics. Some stores will take other tubes and send them to specialty recyclers to be made into kids playground equipment - check out your local participating store at TerraCycle.

Get a bamboo toothbrush or other sustainable, compostable material toothbrush. If you have plastic toothbrushes, have them also recycled through TerraCycle.

Dental floss - silk and other non-plastic dental flosses are available.

Check online at the health food stores.

Soap & Shampoo

Swap liquid soap for bar soaps and avoid single-use plastic.

Or go to your local bulk store with your old containers.

Many types of Shampoo and conditioner are now available in bar soap form and go in a refillable tin. They are easier to use and of excellent quality. Check our Biome or online.

Sanitary items

There are many alternatives and cost-effective products to replace single-use tampons and pads, which can help you make a positive impact.


Swap out your tubes and cans of shaving creams and use shaving soap in tins and bars. Metal shavers or bamboo and wood handled shavers are great alternatives to disposble shavers.

Ear buds

Sicone washable earbuds make a great alternative to cotton buds, and you can also try old fashion wood or bamboo too!

Bulk food shopping

Avoid pre-packaged foods in plastic by choosing bulk or loose food. Your local grocery store is packed with plastic packaging.

Buying products at bulk stores also means reducing glass and paper products which is a considerable eco saver. Think of the eco miles you are saving too!

Cereal, snacks, cooking ingredients like flour, salt, cholate, nuts; dishwashing and clothes washing liquid, oil, tahini, the list goes on!

Bulk and loose foods can offer a solution to single-use plastic.

Most bulk food stores have paper bags that you can fill incase you forget your containers or reusable produce bags. All you, need to do before you fill your containers is to weigh your container, so you are only paying for the product, not the weight of your container.

And don't forget your bakery, butcher, deli and fishmonger - don't your own containers and bags.

Fruit & vegetables

Many grocery & deli stores pre-package their fruit and vegetables, cheese, etc in plastic. Go for items sold loose. Plastics can also harbour mould, so it's best to avoid Prepack this altogether.

Around the House

Food Storage

Use alternatives to plastic cling wrap and plastic containers.

Buy glass containers that are oven and freezer proof.

Break Up With Cling Wrap

Wax wraps and containers make a great, reusable alternative for wrapping sandwiches.

You can also buy reusable, washable cloth bags to store and pack food as a better option than zip lock bags.

There are also alternatives to cling film that work just as well and cost the same. GreatWrap is an Ozzie made compostable alternative. Reuseable food covers and lids are also a great alternative to cling film.

Plastic straws

Refuse plastic straws when buying a drink & BYO reusable alternative with stainless steel straws.

Balloons, Glitter & Decorations

Celebrate your next party with plastic-free decorations.

Ditch the glitter! Even eco glitters can harm the food change.s

Bin liners

There are many Australian made alternative bin liners that can help you make a huge impact. From corn starch to cellulose, suitable for small bins through to council bins, these bio-degradable liners break down at the tip, help with natural decomposition, and are also compostable.

Cleaning products

In the laundry, buy bulk liquids, refillable liquids and handy items like Laundry Stick Stain Remover.

Most cleaning products, from air fresheners to floor cleaners, are available in refill pouches. Many refill companies will even take back the refill pouch to reuse or recycle.

Try microfibre clothes. Ok, these do have a plastic component, but good quality products like Enjo last for 5-10 years, and honestly, you hardly need to use any liquid sprays or soaps.

From Kitchen and bathroom cloths, floors mops to outdoor cloths for the BBQ and the Car, they do most cleaning jobs! Just pop them in the wash.

Will you be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics?

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