End of Lease Cleaning - The Ultimate Guide

by Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removal

Saturday August 28th 2021

End of Lease Cleaning - The Ultimate Guide-end-of-lease-rubbish-removal-01

What is End of Lease Cleaning?

End of Lease Cleaning is required by all tenants when vacating a property.

There are different End of Lease Cleaning Services available if you don't wish to do it yourself, and they vary in price and type of service.

In most cases, tenants will opt to do the cleaning themselves, but some services like carpet shampooing and junk removal are best left to the professionals!

End of Lease Cleaning includes the following:

  • Removal or vacuuming stains on carpet, curtains or furniture
  • Clearing out junk and rubbish or other waste
  • Cleaning all rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • Cleaning windows, curtains and blinds

Why do you need End of Lease Cleaning?

End of lease cleaning is an expense a renter is usually not aware of when moving in.

It can be stressful and time-consuming to find the time to clean the rental property to the same standard as when you moved in.

When it comes to moving, you're probably already feeling stressed and frustrated.

One way to take off some of this pressure is to hire a professional Rubbish Removal Service.

Hiring a Rubbish Removal company means you can pass on the most challenging part of the job - rubbish and junk removal

  • Avoid the heavy lifting
  • Trips to the public tip
  • Finding someone to take the unwanted items
  • Working out what needs recycling
  • Getting rid of stuff council cleanup won't take

Whether you are a tenant of a business or residential premises, end of lease clean-outs by Cheap Cheap Rubbish Removals will sweep up and make sure that everything is left tidy. You only have to point to the rubbish, and we will take it - having to sort the junk is not even required.

What are the Benefits of Professional End of Lease Cleaning Services?

Professional end of lease cleaning services makes it much easier for you to list your property in a clean and tidy condition.

End of lease cleaning is about tidying up the property and getting rid of the dirt and grime accumulated over time. Professional end of lease cleaners will clean your carpets and upholstery thoroughly, leaving your house in immaculate condition for new tenants to move in.

Renters must prepare their homes for the final inspection, follow these tips for a higher likelihood of approval. It will not only save time and money in the long run, but you will have no problem getting your bond money back.

How to Prepare Your Rental Property - Tips for the Final Inspection

It is advised to ensure that the property is up to standard and appropriately maintained, including taking care of any minor or major repairs before the final inspection.

This checklist is the guide to a successful final inspection.

  • Is there any damage to the property since you moved in?
  • Did you provide repair and maintenance records as requested by your landlord?
  • Have you repaired or replaced all appliances that were in working order at the start of the tenancy?
  • Have you complied with all rental unit rules and regulations?
  • If there's paint peeling on walls, ensure this is fixed before final inspection.

Cleaning in General

The tenant should

  • Clean all floors and vacuum the carpets
  • Make sure all windows, curtains and blinds are clean.
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
  • Check for any evidence of rodents or insects on the property.
  • Clean cupboards
  • Removal of all junk and rubbish for residence including garage

End of lease cleaning checklist


Walls – dust or wipe down all walls, remove cobwebs from corners, scrub off marks. Fix any dents or holes and repaint if necessary, including removing picture hangers.

Windows – clean all windows and doors on both sides, including the window tracks and curtains or blinds.

Cupboards and draws – empty and wipe clean.

Ledges – wipe clean all ledges and shelves for dust and pests, including windows, skirting boards, tops of doors, sliding door tracks.

Flyscreens – remove screens and wash, then refit.

Lights – clean all light switches and lights, including bulbs for dust and grim, replace non-working bulbs.

Extras – clean any appliance or furniture provided to the condition they were in when you first moved in.

Floors – vacuum or sweep floors, then mop floors and steam clean carpets.

Range hood, Stove & Oven – clean all grease and grim, wash the filters and check that all are in good working condition.

Sink – clean your sink and taps.

Benches – wipe down all benchtops and surfaces of cupboards.

Dishwasher – wash racks, filters and rubber rings. Remove any leftover food and grease with a dishwasher cleaner.

Refrigerator – pull out and clean behind and underneath.

Cupboards – empty and wipe out thoroughly.

Wipe down vanities, taps, basins, showerheads and cabinets. A shower foam or vinegar paste will scrub away soap from the glass. It works well on mould and grout. Don't forget to clean the drain.

Showerhead - ensure there is no calcium build-up

Mirrors – clean all mirrors and remove wipe marks.

Toilet – scrub and disinfect, including under-seat and around the outside of the bowl.

Tiles – clean grout and ensure there is no mould.

Extras – wipe down soap holders, towel rails, toilet paper holder and ceiling fan.


Yard – mow lawn, weed garden, trim trees, sweep paved areas.

Patios – clean and hose down all outside verandas or decks, remove spiderwebs and clean any appliances, including barbecues.

Garage – empty and clean any oil marks or dirt, remove cobwebs and clean garage door.

Rubbish bins – wash with a household detergent or disinfectant; alternatively, use vinegar and hot water for an environmentally-friendly option. Soak for several hours before scrubbing and turn upside down in the sun to dry.


If you require a  End of Lease Clean-out for your business premises or Residential premises, please call us for an obligation Free Quote.

End of Lease Cleaning - The Ultimate Guide-end-of-lease-rubbish-removal-03
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